Want To Offer Your Trade Service To Builders? Know What To Put In Your Proposal

12 August 2016
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If you are considering offering your trade services to building contractors at a lower price than you offer regular customers to get a stream of business, there are some things you'll want to do before you submit proposals to the contractors. This is great way to get a lot of work if you can connect with contractors that are building multi-home neighborhoods and developments.

You'll want to make sure that you include all of the details in your proposal. If you have never created a proposal, you may want to consider some type of business proposal software, such as Expedience Software, for assistance. Make sure that the proposal includes the following.

Material Specifics

You have to create a set list of materials you plan to use when you offer your trade service. Since the higher the quality of materials, the more they will cost, make sure that you choose a range of materials that are affordable for you to purchase, and that the buyer will want. The types of materials may need to differ in the quality and size of homes that are being constructed. The builder may tell you what they want specifically, and you'll have to alter your proposal accordingly.

Time Requirements

If the builders are putting up several houses, they will want you to do quick and efficient work. This means they'll need you in the house at very specific times, and you have to be ready. In your proposal you will want to include how long it will take you to do the projects based on size and materials used, so there is no confusion with the builder later on.

Cost Breakdown

You will want the builder to see a breakdown for the cost you are going to charge them. This will be the cost of your hourly wage, materials, rush jobs, and any other costs that are associated with your trade and the work you'll have to do in the homes. You can decide how much you want to markup your materials and what the final cost will be that you give the builders.

Getting a contract set with a building company can provide you with tons of jobs and work, even when you don't have a lot of business from your regular day to day projects. Make sure you have enough staff before setting up a proposal like this and before you commit to a large project in your area.