Simple Ways To Keep Your Commercial Oven In Good Working Order

20 May 2016
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As a professional baker, your commercial oven is your lifeline. An issue or malfunction with your oven will impact productivity and, most importantly, your profits. Fortunately, there are a number of practical things you can do to help avoid a major problem with your oven.

Go Easy On The Door

Commercial ovens can come with both horizontal and vertical opening doors. If you have a vertical opening door, take extra care. Vertical oven doors have strong hinges, which allows the door to be able to withstand extra weight being placed on it without breaking off. However, there are limits to this.

When you're in a hurry taking baked goods out of the oven and need to run and do something else quickly, don't leave the dish on the door and walk away. Putting extra weight on the door will only cause the hinges to wear at a faster rate and eventually lead to door damage.

Inspect The Seals

It's imperative that you inspect the seals on your oven periodically. The seals around the door play an important role because they help maintain the internal temperature of the oven. If a seal is showing even the slightest sign of damage, such as a small rip or tear, this can have an effect on the oven's ability to maintain the correct temperature.

When you have temperature control issues, this can affect cost in a number of different ways. First, you will have to cook your goods longer, which will increase your utility bills. Secondly, you could experience quality issues with your baked goods, which can affect your profits. Have a damaged seal replaced promptly.

Don't Forget To Recalibrate

The average residential oven can go quite a very long time before the need for recalibration ever comes up. This is not the case when it comes to commercial ovens. Similar to a seal issue, an oven that is need of calibration will alter the internal temperature inside the oven.

Even if you aren't noticing any cooking irregularities, every so often check the heat levels. To do this, turn your oven on to a set temperature. Give the oven time to heat up and then check the temperature with an oven thermometer. If there is any variance in temperature, it's time to have the oven recalibrated.

Keep oven maintenance a priority in your bakery to keep your productivity and profits out of the red.

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