3 Reasons Why It Is Important To Take Patient Surveys

19 January 2016
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After you visit the doctor or the hospital, you are often asked if you will be willing to fill out or answer a phone survey. While you may hesitate doing the survey because you don't want to spend the time and effort to do it, you definitely should. These surveys have a lot of importance and many of them are fairly quick and easy for you to take. This article will discuss 3 reasons why it is important to take patient surveys when asked. 

Feedback Creates Change

If you weren't happy with the services that you received at the doctor's office or at the hospital, you will be happy to know that your feedback can create change. If you explain in the survey why you weren't pleased with your services, this will allow the staff at the doctor's office or hospital to know what it is that they need to improve upon. If several people have the same complaints as you do, and take the time to fill out the survey, these changes will happen even faster. This can make it so that you have a better experience the next time that you attend the doctor's office or hospital, making it completely worth it to take the survey. 

Great Employees Are Rewarded 

If you were exceptionally pleased with one of the health care professionals that treated you, such as your nurse or doctor, then you can talk about this in the survey as well. If possible, state who they are by name, and explain what they did that made them so excellent. It is a wonderful thing to be rewarded when you do something well, so taking a few minutes to fill out a survey so that an exceptional employee can be recognized is an amazing thing. This employee may receive special recognition for their positive review, which could include becoming employee of the month, receiving a raise, etc.

Good Feedback Is Motivating 

Good feedback from a patient is often very motivating for staff members. If they hear that their patients think that they are doing a great job, then they are going to feel really good and this will motivate them to do even better. This creates good experiences for all of the patients who come into the office, creating an even better environment. To think that taking a few minutes to fill out a patient satisfaction survey created this atmosphere makes it super important and worth your time.